1. Supporting the elaboration and ratification of a United Nations Convention on the Rights of Older Persons

2. Advising about public policy processes on Ageing to the public and private sector

3. Strengthening capacities and relevant skills around the world by providing training; in particular, to older persons and their families as well as public officials and other practitioners

4. Engaging stakeholders to raise awareness about issues related to Ageing and to work in projects aimed at improving the quality of life, participation and inclusion of older persons


Multilateral Affairs

1. Starting official engagement with UN entities in Geneva and New York

2. Starting official engagement with National and local Governments

3. Advocating and advising for the elaboration and ratification of a UN Convention on the rights of older persons

4. Engaging in all high-level events related to Ageing at the United Nations



1. Undertaking the mapping of the current capacity-building portfolio offered on Ageing

2. Undertaking a “needs assessment” on training related to Ageing

3. Researching training topics and trends in order to design new training courses

4. Launching and fund raising for a new GIA training portfolio in partnership with specialized organisations


Advocacy and Action

1. Researching and designing new social media campaigns on Ageing

2. Creating partnerships with different stakeholders, including, media organisations, academia, and the private sector to conduct advocacy

3. Engaging in project design, implementation and management with recognized partners working on the field

4. Seeking funding for new projects related to Ageing


Public Policy

1. Undertaking the mapping of the Ageing ‘organisational global ecosystem’

2. Designing and fund raising for a Public Policy Observatory to study the state-of-the-art in public policy

3. Engaging policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of public policy implementation

4. Raising awareness about the need to review, design, adopt, implement, and follow-up a new generation of public policy

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