Malaga ageing related issues

This project, funded by the Malaga City Council, responds to the aims, mission and objectives of the GIA Foundation to work and respond to the great challenges that exist at multiple levels regarding the needs and risks of the world’s older population and the lack of articulation of multilevel approaches that address the human rights of older people in their […]

Challenges caused by Ageing

Do you want to access the report on the new Global Initiative on Ageing that was presented  by the UN Under-Secretary-General, Nikhil Seth, in Malaga in May 2022? Just go into and download it. It is totally free and you will discover everything that can be done to face the challenges caused by aging in the world. #envejecimiento #informe #retos

One in two people in the world has ageistic attitudes

According to the latest United Nations report on ageism, it is estimated that one in two people in the world has ageistic attitudes, which impoverishes the physical and mental health of older people, in addition to reducing their quality of life, and costs society billions of dollars every year. In fact, the response to control the COVID-19 pandemic has shown [...]

The 15th annual AARP-United Nations Briefing

The 15th annual AARP-United Nations Briefing will focus on “Shameful Contrast: Inequality at the Intersection of Age and Gender” with a spotlight on older women and aims to transform political momentum into action that will empower older women and further promote gender equality. The Briefing will feature leaders from across the globe on women’s empowerment and gender equity and will [...]

The ageing of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean

The gradual but inexorable ageing of the population in Latin America and the Caribbean presents two characteristics that are worrying: a faster rate than that historically recorded in developed countries and a context characterized by persistent inequality, weak institutional development, social protection systems of low coverage and quality and a family institution highly demanded in terms of security and protection. [...]

The Decade of Healthy Ageing

The Decade of Healthy Ageing 2020-2030 has been designed as a period of concerted, catalytic and sustained collaboration. Older people will be at the heart of the plan, which will bring together the efforts of governments, civil society, international agencies, professionals, academic institutions, the media and the private sector to improve the lives of these people, as well as their [...]

Today we have more people living with chronic disease than ever

Health care has been so successful at treating disease that today we have more people living with chronic disease than ever before. Health care today is much better at extending how long people live after they are diagnosed. More information: Deloitte Deloitte España Tecnología Deloitte Insights

Physical, social and economic environments for healthy ageing

Physical, social and economic environments, both rural and urban, are important determinants of healthy ageing and are powerful influences on the experience of ageing and the opportunities that ageing offers. Age-friendly environments are better places in which to grow, live, work, play and age. They are created by removing physical and social barriers and by implementing policies, systems, services, products [...]

Actively ageing

❤️Desirable for all 💭A change of mentality 🤝Coordination among all 🧑‍⚕️Support from professionals 🤸‍♀️Active participation 🧑‍🦽Dependency aid 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦Meeting between generations 🧑‍🔬Information and rights

Population ageing is occurring alongside broader social and economic changes

Population ageing is occurring alongside broader social and economic changes taking place throughout the world. Declines in fertility, changes in patterns of marriage, cohabitation and divorce, increased levels of education among younger generations, continued rural-to-urban and international migration, and urbanization, in tandem with rapid economic development, are reshaping the context in which older persons live. This includes the size and [...]

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