Global Initiative on Ageing

The objective of GIA is to work on an articulated strategy to address the issues of ageing from different perspectives that take into account human rights, labor issues, health, education and science

About us

The Global Initiative on Ageing (GIA) was conceived by a group of civic leaders in several countries, in coordination with different institutions of the United Nations. It was established as a Foundation and registered under Spanish law in February 2022. GIA’s mission is to support the achievement of the goals set by the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing as well as the Sustainable Development Goals by improving the standard of living, participation and inclusion of the world’s ageing population. GIA’s outreach is enhanced by partners in several countries and by virtual learning and policy platforms.

The great challenges include the basic opportunities: the existence of national, regional and international protection mechanisms; digitization and improvement of services; intergenerational benefits; mobility, health care, financial well-being and participation needs give room for innovation in the private and public sectors as average life expectancy has increased; and the potential of the different parties concerned from their respective functions.

In this sense, the Initiative seeks to strengthen public policy knowledge, the potential and needs of this group, in addition to the importance of promoting the adoption of an International Convention as a further objective. The enjoyment of the rights of this group must be addressed in a comprehensive manner;

Although this issue has been on the UN agenda for several years, it deserves to be strengthened through capacity building and the exchange of experiences.



  1. Mapping the current capacity-building portfolio offered on ageing
  2. Conduct a “needs assessment” on ageing related training
  3. Research training topics and trends to design new training courses
  4. Launch and fundraising for a new GIA training portfolio in partnership with specialized organizations

Multilateral Affairs

1. Official collaboration with United Nations entities in Geneva and New York
2. Engage officially with national and local governments
3. Advocacy and advice for the elaboration and ratification of a United Nations Convention on the Rights of Older Persons
4. Participation in all high-level events related to Ageing at the United Nations


Advocacy and Project Management

  1. Research and design new social media campaigns on ageing
  2. Create partnerships with different stakeholders, including media organizations, academic institutions, and the private sector to carry out advocacy activities
  3. Participate in project design, implementation and management with recognized partners working in the field
  4. Seeking funding for new ageing-related projects

Public Policy

  1. Undertaking the mapping of the Ageing ‘organisational global ecosystem’
  2. Design and fundraising for a Public Policy Observatory to study the state of the art in public policies
  3. Engage policy makers to discuss the challenges and opportunities of public policy implementation
  4. Raise awareness of the need to review, design, adopt, implement and monitor a new generation of public policies

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